Morning Thorn Glory

I awaken with pure wonder, i glance at all the things that distract me. out of all the different lives i wandered, i still feel empty as the light that wishes to shine upon all things surrounding me. still, I’ll be. vulnerability, coaching the eyes to blind your thoughts, harp playing love me tender until, it weeps of infatuation, consumed by riots and broken hearts. i overdose in peace,i write letters in disguise for the truth to see. stamp and seal to who it may concern, with blood that spreads the disease of humanity, did you react? did your imbalance calculate your time to be at war with your words. candle lit mind flows through oceans and i wonder. in one minute, your life can change and in one moment it can never be the same…i glance at all things that distract me – i write for people like you, like me. 7:03 PM CST.

My Best Friend Is A Ghost — Frank Solanki

My best friend was seven When he died last year In the sea we were swimming Then he disappeared Now the ghost of my friend Comes to play with me All the folks in this town Think I’ve gone crazy But they can’t see what I see They don’t understand I don’t really blame them […]

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I write for people like you.

The crossing of the unknown led her to the truth be-told.
The sway of her questions were set-free if she can only see she did not need to worry. The sweet mind cluttered everything unnecessary to touch ,Bold and willing she mattered so much.To hear the stories of day and night she retraced a pigment of what she thought her imagination would look like.
she turned cold like wicked nights glaring over the city lights-she still felt at home even with the sleepless nights that reckoned her peace of mind —
Rare–she cared when she felt nowhere. I told you to sit still and listen to what I had to say. Instead you wore your colors so bright that if only you noticed me you would stay for a little while- I’d act like a mirror just for you to see.Intentions. A reflection uncertain that only the ancestors can see the beauty that lied to tell the truth. her truth. The waves of your stories she made her own for the truth couldn’t be spoken unless she wrote it as her own.

Lets love

It’s time to get our unifers right so, we can get the world right. It’s Only human to be in fear for change. If our children can be open to help and love one another then its our responsibility to talk and speak of things with honor and grace. We are being played emotionally and forgetting that these individuals is (our) future, we are to be at peace as much as possible, we have to start walking with faith and start doing what is right. Show them to build instead of creating poverty.

Lets love

Lets love.

-Desiree Helen Loran

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